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It is an honor to be a part of one of the most magical times in your life.  At Ark City Clinic, we care for you before, during and after your pregnancy. We provide annual wellness and gynecological exams, family planning, conception planning, obstetrical care during your pregnancy, delivery and aftercare as well as caring for your new baby in the minutes, days and weeks after your baby’s arrival. At Ark City Clinic, all of our Physicians deliver babies.


If you think you may be pregnant or you have had a positive pregnancy test, call to make an appointment with our OB Intake Nurse.  She will take a detailed patient and family history. In addition, she will work with you to guide your pregnancy experience which will prepare the Physician for your first visit. You will likely have lab studies this day as well as receive a prescription for prenatal vitamins if you are not already taking those. This is an opportunity to ask questions about pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding.


During your first visit with the Doctor, you may have an exam similar to gynecological exams you may have had in the past. This exam may include a pelvic exam and clinical breast exam as well as a detailed Physical so the Physician can assess your general health. He will discuss his recommendations for a healthy pregnancy as well as talk to you about any preferences you have. This is a great time to ask questions.  


During the First and Second Trimesters you will likely return for monthly visits with the visits increasing in frequency through the Third Trimester through delivery. We encourage our expecting mothers and fathers to not hesitate to call us with questions or concerns at any time during the pregnancy.

For after-hour or emergency care call

911 or dial 620-442-2500 and ask the hospital staff to have our on-call doctor paged. We are here for you.

During your first visit with the OB Intake Nurse, you will also have the opportunity to meet with our Patient  Accounts Staff. We will contact your insurance regarding your maternity benefits and provide you with an estimate of what you potentially could be billed for the pregnancy. This allows our patients to plan in advance for Medical Bills in the months to come. We highly encourage our patients to contact the hospital too so that they can plan for those hospital expenses which are billed separately than our bill for Physician services.  


Some families start a “Baby Fund” when they learn they are expecting or when they decide to conceive. This helps cover medical costs and if they have funds left after Medical Bills are paid, this is a wonderful way to transition to a College Fund for that precious new baby!

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